Instructors and Staff

Sheila Mathis, R.N., C.N.A, D.N.P., started her career in healthcare in 1990 and has worked in various settings including long term care, home care, public health, nursing education and maternal child health as a Home Health Aide, LPN and RN. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with an MSN in 2000. She enjoys interacting with students and inspiring them to achieve their goals.

Tina Robinson, R.N., was the very first clinical instructor at the Career Nursing Academy. She worked with us for more than two years and left due to the demands of her hospital position. Now retired, she has returned to us. Her passions are nursing, teaching and her grandchildren. Welcome back Tina!

Kathy Zeiler, R.N., is an asset to the Academy with a wealth of knowledge about nursing and nurse aide education on all levels from teaching, administration and even at the level of working for the Board  of Nursing. She is a welcome member of our instructional staff.

Easter Bowman, C.N.A., has been a lab assistant at the Career Nursing Academy for several years. Plus, she has plentiful experience as a early childhood educator and caregiver.

Patty Brodkin, C.N.A. Is a graduate of our program who has been a caregiver with years of experience in home care as well as of in facilites. Currently one of our two program coordinators, she assists with all aspects of the work of the Academy.

Aileen Lucas, C.N.A. comes to the the school with many years of nursing experience to serve as a lab assistant.

Christine West, C.N.A., one of the school’s two program coordinators, helps with classes and the day to day function of the school. She too is a graduate of our CNA Program and she has nursing home work experience.