Student Reviews

What some Career Nursing Academy students have to say about the course:

“This was a wonderful class. I really enjoyed it. Dr. Ortega is a great instructor.”

“This course was very informative, and is broken down to where you understand it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Dr. Ortega is wonderful.”

“I will highly recommend this CNA course. It was a lot to teach, great instructors, and very easy to learn all skills.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone interesting in becoming a CNA. The instructors for the course are very knowledgeable in the field and they made learning the material fun.”

“Highly instructed, well put together. I recommend to everyone who is thinking about the course. The instructors really care about students.”

“Dr. Ortega is a great instructor! She presented all the material in a way that made it easy to learn. The program is fast paced, but she makes sure that you are well prepared for exams. I’m glad I took the course!”

“This course was extremely informative and interesting. There are hand-on skills as well as organized classroom material being learned. Aside from the material learned, you learn to improve yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. The course focuses on you and your career as well as your well being. Highly recommended.”

“Very great prep for GCC Nursing Program. Good exposure and Dr. Ortega is amazing!”

“A note of thanks to Miss Mary for being so special.  She is always all of us to be the best. I don’t think I could have done so well without her.”

“I love the way Mary teaches.  She teaches in a way I understand, and I also love her spunky personality.”

“This class is very good, and Dr. Ortega is very nice and sweet. She is so much fun to learn from.”

“Mary Keyes is amazing and one of the best people you can have teach you skills. Dr. Ortega is great and, this program is fantastic. I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to be a CNA.” -Morgan Hazelton